Thursday, July 31, 2008

Welcome to the MAGNAchrom weblog

Welcome Dear Friends.

It has been an amazing wakeup call dealing with the aftermath of the stroke I suffered last November. One result of which is that all work on MAGNAchrom Magazine ( ground to a halt. Rather that let that momentum languish, I am going to start this blog and see where it goes. One advantage is that I can post more often and as the need arises. Further, valuable feedback from readers can be instantaneous. Eventually, we can become more of a community of like-minded medium and large format enthusiasts who can share our stories, ideas, insights, and of course our images.

Which brings me to a key point of this weblog: I will be looking for others to contribute too. I don't expect to be the only voice in the medium/large format universe (I know there are many, many of you out there). As was clearly demonstrated by MAGNAchrom (the magazine), there is tremendous international interest in all things pertaining to medium and large format. I believe that "big" cameras — and the photographers who use them — will continue to have an important impact on the future of photography.

To get the ball rolling, I will be repurposing some of the MAGNAchrom content here. Over time, I fully expect to see many voices here chime in. Together we can keep alive the beauty that is derived from the use of medium and large format techniques.

J Michael Sullivan
Editor/Publisher, MAGNAchrom Magazine

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Jill said...

Glad to hear you're recovered from your stroke. I don't shoot medium or wide format but look forward to following the photos
Jill (Cocoabiscuit)

Unknown said...

Hi J Michael Sullivan
wishing you a speedy recovery, a great publication.....(which i am missing). Ronald (LF b&w film non pro photographer - South Africa)

Andre said...

Dear Michael,

I hope you are doing fine. I miss magnachrom a lot, its surely one of the best journals on photography.
Unfortunately, there is no access to the older issues any more. Is there a possibility to download these pdfs from another website?


b&w mediam und large format photography

taffer said...

Hi Michael,
don't know what to say, I had no idea of what had happened. Wish you a speedy recovery.

Unknown said...


I can't connect to your website

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Best regards, Marko Jamnik

Alexander said...

Hello Michael,

I am glad to hear you have gotten better, I was in limbo for a while wondering what had happened to magnachrom.

I once submitted some 4-square submissions which you accepted, and now I have moved onto a large format setup(Sinar Norma).

I was wondering if there is any place to download the older issues of magnachrom in order for me to read up on large format techniques/etc.



Anonymous said...

Good to see you're getting back up to speed again.

Best wishes on your recovery, and good luck with the new format.


Anonymous said...


So wonderful to know you´re well again!
God bless you,


Colin Graham said...

Great to see you back! Your work and magazine were much missed. I like the new blog format, nicely done.

Shutter to Think said...

Welcome back. I hope you continue to recover from both stroke and backlog.

I would be delighted to contribute in some fashion. Please drop me a line when you have time regarding the magazine's needs and wants; I'll see where I might fit in.

CE Nelson

CantikFotos said...

Hi Michael,

Glad to hear you're up and about again. I've missed Magnachrom and look forward to seeing where your new endeavor goes.

Best regards,


Eric said...

Very glad to see you're back. There are a lot of us out here that wish you well and truly miss MAGNAchrom. Best wishes for a continued recovery.