Sunday, September 7, 2008

eBay Bargain: RB67 Pro SD

It is amazing to me some of the things that slip by on eBay (on the other hand, it is equally amazing to me how people regularly overpay on eBay as well).

Here is one that I thought was deserving: An exc+ Mamiya RB67 Pro SD body for a "buy it now" price of just $219.95! No takers! What's the world coming to?

P.S. Shutterblade reposted the item a few weeks later and someone did indeed snatch it up.

P.P.S. I've purchased many things from Shutterblade and find them to be a reasonable source. Just be sure to ask lots of questions! See their ShutterbladeStore

NOTE: if you know of any noteworthy eBay listings for medium or large format equipment, please send email to editor "at" magnachrom "dot" com. Thanx!

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Anonymous said...

While $219 is indeed and excellent price for this fine piece of machinery, they can be had for much less. I bought an exc+ on ebay for $140 and a second body, also listed as excellent, but in need of seals, for $75. What's funny is the $75 body didn't really need the seals replaced when I bought it, and it's the body I use when shooting MF. The Mamiya (Seiko) lenses can also be had for a song, except for the much desired 50mm. A nice system-- body, 2-3 lenses, a couple of film backs, and the desired accessory or two--can be assembled for $500, sometimes less, to the knowledgeable buyer.