Tuesday, September 9, 2008

News: Kodak Ektar 100

Kodak continues its commitment to film. On September 9th 2008, they announced a new, ISO 100, 35mm color negative film, Kodak Professional Ektar 100. According to Kodak, Ektar 100 “offers the finest, smoothest grain of any color negative film available today.”

They tout that it is ideal for scanning. Obviously, this good news for those who continue to shoot film. It will be interesting to compare its quality to that of the newer breed of digital SLRs. One could expect it to provide similar quality to even the most expensive DSLRs as much of the resolution of a system is dependent upon the lens anyway.

With such a high-quality product, one can only hope that Kodak will release roll film as well as sheet film versions in the near future!

Learn more about Kodak Professional Ektar 100 35mm color film click here.

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Anonymous said...

I saw a 3 megapixel scan of Ektar 100 on flickr, I have to say I'm disappointed as it looks out of focus just at this resolution, perhaps it was the scanner.

Anonymous said...

I've got samples of Ektar 100 on a couple of sites. The samples are from a 200MB 16-bit high resolution scan. You can find them at:




My initial impression is that is is a very fine film.

Anonymous said...

According to a fairly recent Kodak press release, Ektar 100 will be available for medium format cameras as of April 2009.

Source: http://www.photographyblog.com/index.php/weblog/comments/kodak_ektar_100_for_medium_format/